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Convert your home into Local Housing mode for profits and total worry-free.
Our company is fully dedicated to performing all functions inherent to the activity of Alojamento Local.
We have at your disposal a vast team of professionals (administration, cleaning, maintenance and reservation management), we operate specifically in the Portimão area with the aim of helping and representing the owners with regard to temporary lease, namely, real estate intended for vacation housing.

Market Review

    • Property location analysis for effective market study;
    • Cálculo do preço ideal para rentabilizar a sua propriedade - ocupação/preço;
    • Permanent update of market seasonal oscillation;
    • Research and preparation for setting up reservation platforms, social networks and similar.

Reservation Management

    • Fast response to booking requests;
    • Booking calendar management and synchronization (24/7);
    • Guarantee a maximum occupancy rate at the best price;
    • Envio do relatório mensal e a possibilidade de acesso ao alojamento pelo proprietário, consoante aviso prévio e disponibilidade.

Check-in / Check-out

    • Multilingual welcome service and information on activities, events, places of interest and culture;
    • Hand over keys and guest identification for communication to Immigration Services;
    • Property verification and key collection;
    • Help and personalised support to all guests.

Cleaning & Laundry

    • Careful and professional cleaning (products and detergents included);
    • Replacing consumables (hand gel, toilet paper, napkins, dishwashing detergent, dish sponges, etc.);
    • Clean and fresh towels - kitchen towels, hand, foot and bath towels - provided by us;
    • Treatment and washing of sheets and pillowcases - the bed linens are provided by us, in order to guarantee a homogeneous service.

Maintenance & Decoration

    • The accommodations are regularly checked by our maintenance technicians to keep them always in good condition;
    • Accommodation maintenance or repairing is subjected to a budget that must be approved by the owner, except for urgent cases;
    • Support in the purchase of essential equipments and utensils;
    • Suggestion and collaboration in the decoration and acquisition of furniture and similar.

Support & Logistic

    • Support in registration and legalization of Alojamento Local;
    • Collaboration in the purchase of items and devices for the Alojamento Local legal working (complaints and information book, liability insurance, safety devices, among others);
    • Lawyer and certified accountant referral for support and answering to question or doubt regarding obligation, legal, fiscal and parafiscal;
    • Treatment and payment of monthly and annual expenses related to accommodation.

The best solution to monetize your home

22% +VAT

of total booking amount or guaranteed yield

  • Reservation management
  • Presence on the most relevant platforms
  • We work with our clothes and towels
  • Seasonally adjusted rates
  • Market analysis
  • Customer support throughout the stay
  • Check in and check out
  • Guest support
  • Cleaning and laundry
  • AL registration and legalization support
  • Maintenance intervention and verification
  • 24/7 availability